Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Waiting Game--Eric Bachman and Singleton, '07

You’ve got the five o’clock blues
and a ten spot in your pocket--
There's no place like home
after a little hell on Monday.
(no matter where home is)

Meatloaf and cold potatoes,
callin’ your name out loud,
the paycheck's spent and
the fridgadair’s humming;
And hollow
And empty.

Happy hour is three days off
Says the sign, the schedule
the Monday morning cue card.

The parking lot's all lit up,
the double doors flap
wide open,
and open again...

and that’s really all you need....

Five o'clock and an open invite;
all we're waiting on is you.


singleton said...

Swinging through the doors....
it's five o'clock somewhere...
in real time....

singleton said...

In an empty bar
the juke box rattles,
the CDs clink,
line up in next procession,
and top 40,
nothing like at midnight,
smokey and

In an empty bar
my shadow makes glass house
faces at me
in the Budwieser mirror on the wall,
I see
what I
don't want to see...

singleton said...

In an empty bar
the door creaks
double wide
when the sun comes in

eric1313 said...

I see the world turning
in my psychedelic eyes

I see the lines
like roads running
all around them

I see the sun in my skin
and the rain dripping
from my hair

In the out door from
the storm front warnings

Out the in door
as the last drop finishes

standing on the corner
of Heaven street
and Hell Boulevard
I hail a cab
ignore the smell of whiskey
and sulfuric fumes

"Take me home" I said

The meter is running
and my last lucky dime
is going to have to be
good enough for him
as well as for me.

eric1313 said...

Hey! You jumped me again! I was finishing up what you didn't want to see...

singleton said...


eric1313 said...

The sun also rises
old papa Hemingway said
and the bull charged
to his certain death
to a hail of cheers

The sun also sets
I scribbled it on
a postcard that said
"Love is what you have when
everything else runs out"

I licked the stamp
my tongue glued to the roof
of my mouth

The roof of the world
starts leaking
the sky starts crying
the angels might be pissing
out loud, in silence

The sun may rise and set--
but when you give the word
it sits still long enough
for us to see each other
in the beams filtering in
through the wide open doors
of this hole in the wall
hole in our heart corner bar.

eric1313 said...


singleton said...

""Take me home" I said"
and he smiled
toothless and chesired
and spitting tobacco
the up and down window
"K, lady" he spat
at my toes in the cold
and I smiled and said
"Thank you"
kneading the last lucky dime
and pondering
"Stones or Grand Funk?"....

The jukebox does me wonders....

eric1313 said...

Speaking of Stones, I put a picture of them on our sidebar of fame...

eric1313 said...

And I changed the Led Zep pic, too. I found a sweet pic with Jimmy playing that awesome double neck Gibson that he's known for.

singleton said...

"Why do you always draw holes in their hearts?"
he asked me over wine....

singleton said...

I tried to draw Janice today....that kinda's not her, but you'll know it when you see her

singleton said...

It's not her at all in lines or eyes or chin or even hair, but soul....
yeah, and heart....
a little piece of my heart

eric1313 said...

Can't wait to see her.

Clink! Got a shot of Vodka right here. Lemon drops, anyone?

singleton said...

Just one night,
they let us go,
walls phospherescent
I colored twister
on the floor with sharpies
and we danced
to fortunes scribbled
there by
with magic markers
and you wrote thank-yous
on left over napkins
to everyone we
never met
but loved....

for just one night....

singleton said...

Lemon drop shots
a shot in the dark
chin up
and laugh at the sky
lips squenched
like eyes sometimes do

sweet and sour
yin and yang

eric1313 said...

And for one night only

the rockin' free world
was our dance floor
feet and numbers painted
of heartbeats

But we danced each step
laughing at the shadows
cast by the disco ball--
we were both were leading
somehow it all worked out

singleton said...

They're laughing
because they know we can't pay
and we're laughing
and clinking
another round goes down
and nobody stops us.....

I'll be mopping in the morning
and you'll be
collecting cans...

But tonight,
we're butterflies,
and the bar understands....

eric1313 said...

yin and yang
dancing forever
like only they do

The effervescent air
tingled like fingers
on the backs of our

yin and yang
sweet, sour,
sing along to the
night's song
an encore
but we know it's not
the last note

singleton said...

We were both leading
and I followed you
and you followed me
and we all followed down....

and laughed

at the shadows crashing beside us....

eric1313 said...

not the last they'll see
of the butterfly
the bandits
the warm bodied
drink snatchers

one night soon
we'll strike again
nothing is sacred
but everything is holy

wings flap not quite softly
as the moon settles into
it's midnight groove thang...

singleton said...

"Save the last dance for me"
a bottled cliche'
a midnight promise....
to the
"so nice to meet you's"
and the
"can I have your number?s"
but not us,
in the no parking zone
the "pick-up only" place
laughing at
the songs behind us....

dancing in the littered streets....
laughing at the wind...
clunking quarters in make-believe

singleton said...

Pssst....things have been cuckoo lately,
your world,
the world around us, but just so you know.....
I've missed partyin'

eric1313 said...

Me too, my friend. I felt bad whenever I saw one of your poems sitting there, hanging in the air... I felt bad, but I knew we'd get back to it soon.

I missed this, too.

eric1313 said...

"A bottled cliche'"

That's what I missed. Your talent for invention right on the spot.

singleton said...

This place has been a chalkboard, a seawall, wet concrete for me...a place to scribble in the's been wonderful....and I've never felt alone here
even when the
bar was empty,
because the doors are always open....
and the lights are always on.....

singleton said...

Peace~love, my friend,
my Taxi's waitin'......

eric1313 said...

You have a great night.

Talk to you soon.

singleton said...

silhouettes lined up
in a quiet circle
facing in
seyonce style
every one dark
and reserved
and concentrating
on levitation
(lift the beer and cheer)
(check the cell...Damn she didn't call)
or whatever gets them through
the hour.....

the waiting game
the crying game

two for ones.....

eric1313 said...

one for twos

the shadows
and the dancing candles
swaying everything
with their pinpoint light
and their heat

but enough to burn
everything to cinders

Like the fire in our hearts
like the intense glow
of this circle...

the cellphone rings,
but suddenly
it doesn't matter
(not that much, not too much)

The night holds a mystery
but nothing so deep
as the riddle
that our hearts beat
as everything begins to rise...

eric1313 said...

I'm scooched over, the waitress just brought you a mic. I'm sure you are armed with mighty michelob, anyway.

Me? I have a shot right here. Lemon drop... oh yeah...

Justgivemepeace said...

And I left my phone
on the floorboard
of the car
and beeping
and talking out loud
to the vinyl walls
and his voice,
echoing out loud
the empty cigarette packs
poems scribbled at redlights
on the back of deposit slips

wanna dance?

eric1313 said...
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Justgivemepeace said...

I'll take a lemon drop
and chase it

I'll take a lemon drop
and call it sunshine
in the dark

I'll take a lemon drop
and we'll
and promise to plant a tree
and squeeze it fresh
ice cold

I'll take a lemon drop
and light another

are you ready to dance?

eric1313 said...

We hold the night to the fire
and the fire caresses
everything dear with its
lick of warmth
but nothing burns
nothing hurts--
we are in an angels hands

Everyone up,
everyone stirs
sways with the light
we dance as the sun
begins its procession

everything is just right
for once
for all

eric1313 said...

"I'm ready to dance"

but are they ready?

Does it matter if they are
or not?

Another lemon drop
and it's time for a reckoning

another lemon drop
and we'll be flying
to the zenith of the night

Another lemon drop
and everything will be
in pastel shades of love

one more for the night
and we'll dance
no matter what

Justgivemepeace said...

They moved
just a little
to the left
and a little to the stage
and some left the field
all together
because we were laughing
and elbowing
our way
to the sun,
the lemon drop disco light
cast on only us,
and we were
for just a moment
Tina Turner
Willie Nelson gone wild....

laughing and clinking
and spinning
in a never

eric1313 said...


Justgivemepeace said...

If we had been watching
we would have seen
one by one
and two by two
and two for one
sitting down in the shadows
warmed by waiting....

we would have seen them watching....

eric1313 said...

Their faces were long
like lines on the street

Their face dropped
ran like wax

They need another round
to pull it all together

We could use another round
but then
we're busy
swishing the ethers
and the lights around
in our tornado wake

everything was perfect
but the music
could still be
a little louder

Justgivemepeace said...

And he said he
had writers block
whispered it into my hair
into the quiet

and I smiled
because I knew he didn't
and when I
wasn't looking
he'd order another lemon drop
and scribble
on the countertops....

And tomorrow,
when it's five o'clock somewhere,
he'd find the words,
and remember....

eric1313 said...

"To all the girls I ever loved before"

I raised the glass
and you raised a pinch
of a laugh

"Silly poet..."

You shake your head
and I see what you mean

Willie is telling old tales

Tina just wants to write
a new one in footsteps
in front of the sound stage

"What's love got to do with it?"

Justgivemepeace said...

They're eyes are
tethered to the dancefloor
to the flashing
checkerboarded neon
past flickering on and off....
and it's ok,
they're fine,
they're happy and
two sheets to cheap cheers
our laughing
and private
and "we're sure no one can hear",
reminds them
they're alone....

And it's a mirror
we could drown in,
but we don't....

We twirl
and watch
the trails....
cigarettes and broken hearts...
in the
second-set sky

eric1313 said...

He'd remember that the night
falls softly
but with the speed of light

the words would remind him
of the long slow dance
as the band wound down
with psychedelic "moon shadows"

And the sun winds him back up
to go one more time

the cabbie can wait
his meter's running
ticking minutes and dimes

The words can't wait
they need us and wee need them
and the music has long since

But that's the band
our voices carried the tune
the rest of the miles through

Justgivemepeace said...

And his eyes are wise
and olden
and full of it
and hers
and full of it....

And they
answer each
other in
midnight specials


eric1313 said...

"The second set sky"

Now that's a wild image.

Heck, I can't add to that!

Awesome work...

Justgivemepeace said...

They're stacking chairs on
and sweeping
up the diamonddust
the dreams that died right here,
skirt right past them
dip slow and
out of their way

they flick the lights off and
on again
"My Mama used to do that"
and we laugh
and ask them
for to-go cups.....

Justgivemepeace said...

that's what you get for feeding me lemon drops!

eric1313 said...


they were just
full of it

And it
is a good thing

"Fill'er up"
they told the bartender
and he laughed
knowing that it wouldn't
be the last

The beginning of wisdom
is knowing that one knows

or something like that.

But she knows
and he knows

and the bottle
it spins around
points at them
and the dance floor

one more twirl
and everything
will be just right

hand in hand
day and night
darkness and light

nothing is beyond
their grasp

their eyes
tell stories
that only
the blue haze morning after
will dare to speak out loud

eric1313 said...


Have another!

Justgivemepeace said...

They play
spin the bottle
russian roulette
the smoke

slow dancing to fast songs....

Justgivemepeace said...

"full of it"!
And lovin' it....

eric1313 said...

They play
happy feet on the floor
circles spun a thousand times

The old men at the waitress

remember war stories
and stories of French girls
Japanese girls
German girls
Vietnamese girls

they danced with in ages
in nations far away
and a lot like ours
at night

We listen in
but don't let them know
that their stories
will one day
be on the walls

Chinese checkers
with spanish coffee

like five o'clock
are always happening
somewhere in the world.

eric1313 said...

clink! ya on that!

Justgivemepeace said...

You're the bomb!
Ummmm, wanna buy me a beer?

eric1313 said...

Wow, we have like ten huge solid poems in this set.

It's so good to be back in the flow.

I felt hopeless last week, now I'm brimming with the words...

Justgivemepeace said...


eric1313 said...

Got your beer right here.

Lemon drop? ;)

Justgivemepeace said...

I knew you had it in you,

eric1313 said...

aging to perfection

It's funny how the subconscious is always practising

Justgivemepeace said...

The words are always there,
telephone numbers
wadded up
in faded jean pockets
and forgotten
and meant to be
when the time is right...

eric1313 said...

"Oh let the sun beat down upon my face
Stars to fill my dreams

I am a traveler of time and space
to be where I have been"
---Got Kashmir playing right now.

Justgivemepeace said...

you got it in you, friend,
it lives....
your words,
your language
is universal
meant to be...

people listen
they learn
about themselves
through your

eric1313 said...

You're going to give me a a huge ego maniacal problem!

Justgivemepeace said...

I'm listening to Ben Harper.....
new to me....
Justacoolcat turned me on to him a while ago....
and he sings like
a bird
at night or in a hurricane, but still

eric1313 said...


Your words
are miracles
in season
in bloom
in living color
that will never

Immortality is yours
as long as memory
holds true

words on paper passed
hand to hand
mouth to mouth
mind to heart to mind

is waiting for us
between the lines.

Justgivemepeace said...

I just switched to Bob Dylan....

but it's true...
your people read the words
and read their lives....

But ok, here's my one complaint!
I love your raw
unedited work
the stuff
never see
the words before they're fixed
before they're right
when they just roll off
bounce off
fly off
your mind.....

eric1313 said...

"Oh father of the four winds
fill my sails

Across the sea of years"

Ben Harper is good, too. You ever listen to the Pixies? That's a newer band I love. They can sing about the darkest subjects and make them sound all happy and giddy. Very strange, kind of eighties punk. But they're the best at what they do.

Justgivemepeace said...

And now....
Stevie Ray....
yeah, that's my playlist....
Damn, you can't get better than that....the sky is crying......

Justgivemepeace said...

I honestly don't think I know who the Pixies are, but I'll google 'em if I can remember to after all these lemon drops!

eric1313 said...

You can't get better than that mix. Mine is CD three of the led zep boxed set, so I have Trampled Underfoot going right now.

"Talk about love--
talk about love"

eric1313 said...

Don't blame me!

I'm a lush
you're a lush

I'm a silly poet
and you're a hippie

and this is our dance floor
bathroom wall
scribble station.

Justgivemepeace said...

I'm feelin' kinda envious
for a moment.....
I don't have a stereo anymore....
playing off the computer....
but thanks to getting
struck by lightening
the speakers rock!

eric1313 said...

You're not a lush

eric1313 said...

Awesome! I'll have to try that!

Lightning enhaced sound!
"I can't stop talking about love!"

Justgivemepeace said...

The trucker next to me
in five forty five twilight traffic
was grinnin'
at Led
loud and free
out my smokey
half cracked
driver's window

And that's the way it should be...

rockin' on.....

eric1313 said...

Yeah, the Pixies sing that song

"Here come your man"

"Where is my mind?"

eric1313 said...

rocking on
rocking over
and under
and between

Let the words fly

"No Quarter" is playing now. If you ever see it, get the Zep boxed set. It's a cool mix. Page had everything remastered on it, but didn't really change a thing, just made it clearer.

Justgivemepeace said...

I think the whole world should
talk about love
the old 8 track cliche'....

it makes the world go round....

Justgivemepeace said...

And the Beatles....
"all we need is love".....

Justgivemepeace said...

"there's no time to lose
i heard her say"

eric1313 said...

You know it. Man, is this night great or what?

eric1313 said...

"Nothing you can say that can't be said"

Love is all we need.

Justgivemepeace said...

Thank you sweet friend, Fridays are for dancing, and it's five oclock somewhere....And we did!

eric1313 said...

"The snow falls hard and don't you know?

The winds of Thor are blowing cold

They're wearing steel that's bright and true

They carry news that must that must get through

They stay to the path that no one goes"

I love this song.

eric1313 said...

You taking off for the night?

Justgivemepeace said...

I'm a lousy housekeeper
because I have cats
and a dog
and rock and roll
and just don't care to clean
up the mess
or the memories
or the meant to be's
and I'm a
lousy bartender
because I clink
to everything
and everywhy and everygonnabe
and so I hope
you don't mind
that I leave you with
syrup lined shotglasses
and amber bottles
dead cowboys lined up in a row
and an ashtray full
of embers
to be sifted
and a song on the jukebox....
waiting to be


eric1313 said...

I love that song! Jimi H? "Waterfall--nothing can harm me at all...
My worries seem so very small

Oh my waterfall"

Justgivemepeace said...

And on my way out
I'm gonna scribble on the door
so the people comin' in
will know....

"we rock"....
peace~love~lemon drops, my friend

eric1313 said...

That poem was perfect, by the way.

You rock. Whenever I sort these out (tonight), that one goes in as a perfect Singleton.

And I'll try not to do to much snipping and primping on the rest.

eric1313 said...

Peace love and tomorrow, we'll dance again.

"Going to Chicago...
Going down
going down now
Going down
going down now"

When the levee breaks, the flood will be with words and lines and everyone will dance to the tune that we weave.

Night, blue lady.

Princess Pointful said...

Both in celebration and in wishful thinking.

eric1313 said...


Back at you, my friend. Nothing so sacred as when friends share with friends. Glad you dropped by to share the moment.

karoline said...

*tiptoes in*

*tucks herself away in the corner*


what a wonderful fabulous collaboration!! was only a matter of time..

(((singleton & eric)))

karma lennon said...

I came in last night and didn't see anyone playing! I meant to come back but got involved with other things. I will try again.

david mcmahon said...

It's five o'clock here in Australia. It's ALWAYS five o'clock here in Australia!!!

singleton said...

Princess.....awwwww...I wish we were still at the bar when you came by! We'll have to change the time on our clocks, so it's not just five o'clock somewhere, but five o'clock everywhere!

karoline...whatever are you doin' in a corner, girl? Join us! The night is forever......
and the circle grows. Peace~love beautiful soul.

karma....oh, the double doors were propped open..... the night air sifting in, waiting.....
and the barstool next to us, empty....waiting, too.... Wish you had stopped back by!

David....:) Well now that you said it first, Florida's on the same clock! Clink!

Peace~love our friends and next rounds on the beloved bartender!

KarmaLennon said...

And I'm back again.......I always miss you guys! One night I'll catch you and we'll dance and play long into the night.....

Enemy of the Republic said...

Okay, I'm down! I say 2 for 1 margaritas at some outdoor cafe (Singleton lives south so the weather is better than where you and I are, Eric), you two keep up with your metaphoric conversation, I will bring my laptop and type and save to Word until I'm too drunk. Then we will make a power point of it and you two can put it on the web page. Vistas makes awesome power points.

singleton said...

karma....just tipped your barstool over, leaned it up against the bar.....It's yours baby, anytime your ready!

enemy....Margaritas are always two for one in Florida! Let's just hope the bartenders can keep up with us!