Wednesday, November 28, 2007

She tells stories.....


Her face was wet,
chilled, but not cold
and I succumbed...
into her soul,
her innermost heat,
a fire that even
the rains of November
couldn't completely

Did I ever tell you
I was in love with snow?
dimestore flocking
quilt batting
fortune telling
And the cold shock
of drowning
a bathtub full
a hillside high
a ditch on the side of the road
of white
forever tumbling from overstuffed
"I can't believe I ate this much!"
"Gotta unbuckle my five oh one"

Her face was wet
so was mine
her hair
my hair
her clothes
my clothes
and cold
in the November air
and she prattled
cheeks five o'clock pink,
fishtelling the story I knew by heart

and how I never forgave
the skies
for teasing me
with plump white wine
goosefeathers falling
never recorded before,
cant be happening!,
and then
wrecking my dream
in the morning?

her face was wet
and so was mine,
and we laughed
at everything:
and brown eyes;
the soul of the earth
with come hither to lines....

it was my only one night stand.....

her face was wet
and so was mine
and in the cold
November nightness
played snow angels on the hill
and laughed at
the stories
behind us...


eric1313 said...

This is awesome, Sing.

You've got the edit knack, too.

these weren't even the best ones, but they rule like this. You do damn good work, friend.

eric1313 said...

We do good work.

eric1313 said...

Butterfly? Where are you?

singleton said...

I can make potatoe salad after all?

eric1313 said...

I like "Nightness"

What a word!

eric1313 said...

Yes you can!

Potato salad
and lemon drops
coming right up

singleton said...

I was starving,
you left me in the kitchen
full of leftovers
and pots and pans
and no beginnings
and an
oven on 350 warming
music blasting
and paper plates


Shepherds pie, my friend

singleton said...

I'm almost Cinderella

eric1313 said...

Feast or famine
she knew how to cook

the food was OK,
but her home made
dandelion wine
was what I craved

after that
I could eat anything
an old shoe
a blown tire
tin cans
and their sticks

The woman can cook
but it was no surprise
that her best cooking
came from the heart

Josie said...

Gorgeous poem. You have a talent, and true feeling!

And I see you have all my heroes on your side bar, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, the Stones, etc. Gosh, when I think about it, most of them were probably in that great jam session in the sky before you were even born. :-) But you have fabulous taste!

eric1313 said...

"Cinderella's Curse"

what a line! We should use it as a title for something.

eric1313 said...


So glad you could drop by. This is me and Singleton's playground.

We write together and create food for the soul!

singleton said...

Dandelion wine
barefooted and bathtubbed
and yellow all over

bottled and bootlegged
and hidden in the shed...

Dandelion wine
in a glass shoe goblet....
Dandelion wine
in the garden....

don't tell the neighbors.....

eric1313 said...


What's up with the names? I thought we were putting them up on the titles? It's good for people to know we both write these ones.

singleton said...


eric1313 said...

or the sky will crash,
the light of heaven
blown out like a wick

Dandelion wine everywhere

everyone knows
and yet
it's still a sweet secret

singleton said...

Sweet friend, I gotta call it a night, the alarm with the top-40,30,20 music I can't stand to listen to one minute longer, gotta crawl over the dog, over the cats, lean over the other side of the bed and stretch really far to shut gonna be bubblegumming me outa bed in just a few hours....


eric1313 said...

Peace~love to you, too, my friend.

And let's put the names up. You got me used to it.

singleton said...

I love a man in the kitchen.....


eric1313 said...


Cool friend.

karma lennon said...

I saw this one earlier and really liked it! I just love you guys, you inspire me. But why do I always come by when you're not playing?

Princess Pointful said...

You two come up with the most delicious images... playing at snow angels, plump white wine, and coming back to her wet face.
While rain is a drag in most circumstances, it can create a romantic sheen to things when the mood is right!

eric1313 said...


One night, we'll all be in sync, and it'll be fun.

Thank you for the visit. We always have a glass filled for you.


Thank you so much for the heartfelt words and another careful reading. It really is appreciated, you know?

Rainy scenes are always memorable, in movies and in real life. Something about water dripping from a loved face.

So awesome.

Peace to you all, our sweet friends.

singleton said...

karma.....We'll all land here at the same time, soon, right when it's meant to be right! This one was born from the porch party at The Little Things....there's a little paper kite down there with your name on it, too! Peace~love sweet friend, and here's to happy hour, we'll get there!

A Champagne Toast! Here's to the good side of rain! Wishing you a wonderful Week-end! It's here, baby!

Prayers and thoughts for you and loved ones. Travel safe my friend, and know your circle loves ya!

singleton said...

we never talked,
broke bread over
on the dance floor

we passed
budweiser light
heineken dark
penned in
ink splotch
"got you all figured out"
twin voices
secret sign language
morse codes

and still
we heard it coming...
the knock down,
drag you under,
grab the damp already
inked napkin and wave
over your head,
the seas,
the tally-me-up tab....,

the surrender....

Tell me the truth,
I'll listen....

I heard it coming

eric1313 said...
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eric1313 said...

Her everything
her about this...

the night

it speaks to me.

It's Saturday
got nothing
am nothing
and yet everything
is somehow something
on the holiest day of all.

It all adds up:
Her double or nothing grin
glaring black and white lights
her flair for the dramatic
pulls me in by the feet
whenever the music starts
and even
when it stops
for the space
of a skipping stone
heart beat.

Really, it never stops...

it keeps going,
till the end
till the bottles are empty
and the smiles are full
at least call
you may not be able to stay hear

but you never have to go home

she's waiting for you...

singleton said...


Maithri said...

I hear you

Birds trilling
the scale

The treble
the bass
never diminished

like lovers
in the
embrace of
the mystery

Thank you for your song,

Love always, M

singleton said...

crossing in almost real time, my friend.....And that's hard to do on opposite sides of the world!

I so believe people come into your lives at the right time for a reason, and Eric and I crossed paths by happenchance, on the day of the meant to be....His writings are prolific and prophetic and he is a fountain flowing colored waters.....
and he is my friend...
in these words,
these days,
these pages,
these thoughts,
we've come to know each other,
to write in tandem
and in see-saw
and through the looking glass....

Your words are
windchimes in the trees....

singleton said...

It rained today....
colored rain
gold and pharoah brown
blue and real live oyster shell lavender~gray
pink and caterpiller green,
the neighbors
came out barefooted
and pajama-ed
and waded
ankle high in wet grass
to watch
the colors
a technicolor
wet etch~a~sketch
in the sky
over my world...

And I thank you, my friends...

eric1313 said...

Rained for thirty days
and thirty nights

but you were the first one free
the dove with
the olive branch

an eye smile brown and earthy
pharoah brown...

blue sky by the blue ocean
blended swirls of heat
voodoo blue...

Your nest is wherever you make it
and a gentle wind is all you need.
Thirty days and nights of rain
are not as bad as thirty-one.

As long as you can fly
the waters are only scenery
while looking for a special tree

singleton said...

No poetry
No rhyming lines
I took the olive branch
and ran with it....
swallowed pride
and yesterday
and tomorrow whole.
thank you my poetic
the tree.....

you may never know,
but I do,
and I clink you......