Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Little Things

Little dead bird
at my feet.


I touch her
with one toe

and die inside
a little more.


eric1313 said...

Oh, what heartbreak! So beautiful. I loved this one.

We do fine work, Singleton.

Crack open a cold one for me!

singleton said...

Wishing you a wonderful day of family and dance....
And most especially,
of peace...


Enjoy! My friend and travel safe......

Princess Pointful said...

This was so sweet and tragic.

Don't we all have that first awful childhood realization about death while grasping onto a cold little bird?

benjibopper said...

simply heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad.

singleton said...

princess....isn't it in the stark surprise, that death or loss touches us most? Even obvious, apparent, to the naked eye, we still need that tangible silence, stillness to confirm that yes, there really is nothing living here anymore....that emptiness of hope that breaks our hearts....

benji....a few lines, broken....
and then somehow, our hearts, too....

Trevor....Must have been a melancholy Moon over the Butterfly Bar on this night....or a quiet one that just felt heavy.....

Peace~love our friends and thank you for joinin' us at the bar....
Friday's are for dancin'....wishing you all a good one!

karma lennon said...

This is so depressing and so simple in its bleakness. It brings up the memory of reading "The Scarlet Ibis" for the first time.

Maithri said...

In the presence
of anothers heart break
There is a urge, a desire
for us to reach down
and somehow
whats broken.

We want to pick up this
little bird and
breathe new life
new wings
into the presence of

But sometimes
we are simply
to be.

To hold

To say with love

I am here.

Love to you both, M

singleton said...

karma....I don't know those works, and honestly, I don't think we ever meant it to be depressing, we were just talking, but you're right, it is. We're so often lulled into believing we go on and on and on....and perhaps we do....I so hope we do....even after we're stopped in our tracks...
cold and lifeless...
I so hope the spirit
the one true thread to laughter and love
lives on....

And standing there
for a moment
in the chill
of the aftermath
we forget
the afterlife
and are

And we shouldn't be....
love grows....

Peace~love our friends

eric1313 said...


I love you all. Stay gold.


I think so. It's always when a bird or a beloved pet dies. It's the first time we really think that there is ever an end to this vast adventure. An end of innocence all it's own.

Benji and Trevor
Thank you both. It's Sing's poem, I just did a few snips and additions. When I saw it, I was awed at the power that it held.

and now you guys, too, feel that power hidden in these lines.


Thank you for the words. This was some strong work. I'm very happy to have been a part of this whole new blog experience.


And that is why you are our friend. You feel the words as deeply as we, because they are also a part of who you are.

Thank you so much, everyone.

peace and love.

eric1313 said...


You do great work. Have I ever told you that?

singleton said...

I crawled on my knees
on the sidewalk
chalk cities
and hearts with holes
renaissance ladies,
too skinny

plastic pink and lavender
raincoat yellow
rowboat blue

and the sidewalk cracks
broken lines
sliced my story
into 3 by 3 frames
just big enough
to be
walked on....

I sat in the rain and cried....

You do great work. Have I ever told you that?


eric1313 said...

Rain drops splattered
the chalk ran and faded
until it was
technicolor stew
feeding my soul with
a desire to make
the memories real

on my hands and knees
I knew god
because he appears
in everything
but especially
chalk smiles
yellow powder skin
pink bows and ribbons
and blue eyes lighter
than the morning sun's
each face running away
but in my hands lies
the power
to make the return.

The rain fell in splatters
and tears rained down
my cheeks
but even a flood
will not wipe the faces
clean from my memory

The rain falls in rivers
and I feel like the mother
of one million stories
and one million more
waiting to wail their first

singleton said...

And I danced
in the rain
sidewalk steam climbing
in chalky shades
of fluorescent skies
gone muted

story rising
smoke signals

And I saw you there on
the balcony
listening to Jimi and the rain
leaning over the railing
make-believe butterflies
and pastel smoke rings
in your cigaretted hand...

singleton said...

Hippies making
spoon rings
were crouched in the grass
and the harmonica sang
in the rain,
rusty lips on
a five and dime harp,
a sonnet I think
or a ballad
to a long gone friend....

In the rain
it was underwater

singleton said...

the ring fit so
I bought it
fishing dimes and
ticket stubs
and lint
out of my pockets....

it slid on perfectly
mayo on rye
on top of the others
and I laughed at the rain
and the
absence of sentimental value
as I slid off the others
and pinched this one
closer to home

and I wondered who
ate from the silver spoon first
and if they ate
leftovers or favorites or
Tuesday night fastings

macaroni and cheese
southern grits at midnight,
with smoked salmon and beer....

eric1313 said...

In the rain
we learned the steps
to a dance
passed down through the ages
a dance of the chosen ones
children of the earth

it is called life
and it's steps
are the sweetest love
we will ever taste

the rain falls
but we rise to perihelion
everything falls away
like a world
distant and remote
as yesterday

eric1313 said...

I have to eat, but I'll be back, friend. Talk to you in a bit.

eric1313 said...

It starts out small
but as high as the sun,
so high that mountains
and other tall lords
of the living earth
must look up to see it

it falls from such height
building into a drop
blowing in the winds
the clouds are its mother
warming light is its father
but once born
it is it's own
falling down so fast
that it can't see where
it is going
but it knows the way
by virtue of secret birth

falling, falling faster still
it nears its destination
but does not slow down
cannot slow or stop
will not stay a little longer
on top of the world

it is near
screaming down

a raindrop on my face
a kiss from my own private god
on my cheek

you ask me
what is wrong
and I say nothing of the sort
what is right
is all I know
and even that is a struggle
as another lands and another
raindrops from the blue

hiding my tears of joy
on a day I will remember
until the sun no longer lights
my brown eyes like the mother earth
that gave them ther birth.

eric1313 said...

A day that I learned
that I am not the only one
who cares
who wants
who knows
A day I learned the teardrops
and raindrops
are different only
in temperature
both mixing in the rivers
on my carved granite face.

singleton said...

We are the chosen ones
left out in the rain
gather fallen water
an oasis for
minnow accidently dropped
from the Eagle's wide mouthed flight
a paradise for
teenage tadpoles
camped out in the streets
wishing for a watering hole
on the Thursday night
before tickets go on sale...

we are the chosen....
left out in the rain
to rust
in paisley patterns
to drop crimson
storybook pages in the mud
to age before our time...

we are the chosen...
left out in the rain
to pencil
every thought
and revelation on
blue lined paper
in a loose leaf binder

singleton said...


fingertips up
a birdbath for the skies,
I waited....
Christen me now
with your holy water
sweet Blue Eternity....

I should have known you'd go face
first to
meet her sweetness...

eric1313 said...

Now that is a beautiful poem.

eric1313 said...

Both of them are great, the chosen ones, and the rain.

I'll be writing...

eric1313 said...

Her face was wet
chilled but not cold
she approached me
chilled, cold but not
and I succumbed
fell into her soul,
her innermost heat,
a fire that even
the rains of November
cannot completely

Her face was wet--
so was mine
her hair
my hair
her clothes
my clothes
and cold
in the November air
that embraced us
as we embraced each other.

Her face was wet
and so was mine,
and we laughed
at everything:
and brown eyes
like the soul of the earth
saying come hither lines
as our mouths closed upon
one another.

Her face was wet
and so was mine
but there was
a long November night ahead
warm flames
without a fire's heat
long hours
with no single moment

everything was one
our faces
our bodies and souls
Angels in the snow
faces cold and wet
but not without hope.

eric1313 said...

Not without a light
in November.

singleton said...

They were tin steps
rusty and crickety
and meant for
fire escapes in a black and white movie

you led
leaving me parachuting
feet flying
hand in hand
slipping on
"does this fold up in the summer?"

two steps
past the neighbors
twenty one
"they're watching Desperate Housewives"
thirty six
forty one
and I quit counting
out of breath
and drenched
from the rain
and you
on each landing

and rainbrellas
are made for
nights like this

eric1313 said...

From the top, we saw it all
the cars creeping home
carrying drivers from work
to home to their favorite
city corner bar

No umbrella
and no rain coat
we were soaked through
to the bones

But the obsequious night
was just beginning

The neighbors below
were happy with their
frozen nuclear dinners
watching Big Brother
watching all of them

And we danced around
and around
standing on the edge
leaping from solid stone
feeling like nothing
is above or below
until we land in
laughing, cussing
smoking drunk heaps
of humans in the throws
of a midnight love story

From up here
the world is or model
a ship in the bottle
A place we see
like a distant friend
waving but unheard

From up here
everything is ours
the lights
the river
the cars crawling like bugs
and the night itself
our curtain to be pulled
whenever the show's over
and the credits are due
to roll like raindrops
down the side of the wall

Princess Pointful said...

I just heard news of a porch party! Unfortunately, I am running late to another party....
Much thanks for the invite.

And, Singleton, the last verse above me is delicious.

eric1313 said...

I tried! See you another time, Princess.

singleton said...

Princess! Thank you for stopping in on your way! Have fun, clink one to us, and we'll clink two to you.....It's a full moon and those are the best for partyin'! Peace~love and travel safe, our friend.....
24 seven and eleven!

singleton said...

It's an upside down parade
we're watching from
the sky

eric1313 said...

Full moon blues
bathing or face in its
cyan and powder glow as
the wind leaves a kiss
from the night before
to the morning after

Full moon blues
riding the sky
looking at us
looking at it
watching for a sign
singing our rendition
of the full blue hues
in words that fall
on willing and waiting
ears like our own

Full moon blues
shining down alone
at two figures reeling
in the autumn night

full moon blues
sing to us one more time
your song of promise
your song of mystery
your song of blue feeling
and the wind will kiss you
as it kisses us
a gift from the night
to the morning after
with love

eric1313 said...

Upside down right
watching the parade go by
walking on handstands
thinking on their feet
talking out their you-knows
in a choir of chaos;
voices in love with the sounds
that they make

We are the eyes in the sky--
we see the pattern
we see the procession
but it can all change
in a skipping heartbeat
it can all change
on the drop of a dime
mine or yours

Anther drink,
another smoke
another laugh
and one last kiss
because the morning
we'll both pay the price
but its a paltry sum of
pennies nickles and dimes
nothing we wouldn't give
to make this upside down night
last a little longer
and end up just right

singleton said...

"a gift from the night
to the morning after"....he said

It was dark when
I crawled out
of bed
nighthair wild
and eyes
hungover from
cliffhanger dreams....

It was dark
oystershell blue,
periwinkle morning out
the window,
over the balcony,
the fuzzy peached sun
was a hot air balloon
with little steam
and teetering on second thought
at the edge of town

I watched her drift,
lazy to rise,
and then remembered...
to look down....

and there on the sidewalk
laughing, cussing
smoking drunk heaps"
were the words....

Thank you, my friend....

The computer crashed! And stubborn as a mule, she wouldn't kick back into anything til she was dunked in the river and cleansed!

singleton said...

I'm Betty Crocker
in the kitchen
she said
flippin' on the timer
barefoot and pregnant
with a zillion dreams
and colors
and lives
she wants to lead....

Love beads take exactly 30 minutes
to brown in the oven.....

singleton said...

She's cookin' up love
blues upside down and backwards
stories 8 floors tall
and telephone lines
that dial for dollars and drama....

She's a prima ballerina on
the worn congolium floor
and waiting on the
vaccum cleaner salesman
to light up her life,
her borrowed stage,
her sixties
sort of memory

She's worn out,
in case you didn't notice.....

singleton said...

And listenin'
to Lyle Lovett....

eric1313 said...

I hear the rolling music--

Her voice blends with it
like sweet forbidden liquor
on a Sunday afternoon sway.

Outside, the kids holler
and scream and run
back and forth
to tell each other's
little secrets

"She loves Blank
E Blank forever"

"But he loved her

I call to the kitchen
and tell her she's done enough
for this traveling rambling
soul on hell's wheels

And she walks out and over
sweet cakes and a bottle
of rye in her magic hands.

Another day for the records
another day in the books
but we aren't done writing...

The page turns and everything
is brand new...

Another drink
another light
this one will be just right.

eric1313 said...

The music rolls on like tides
on the end of the moon's string

singleton said...

Another perfect round on the house!

singleton said...

Did I ever tell you
I was in love with snow?
dimestore flocking
quilt batting
fortune telling
And the cold shock
of drowning
a bathtub full
a hillside high
a ditch on the side of the road
of white
forever tumbling from overstuffed
"I can't believe I ate this much!"
"Gotta unbuckle my five oh one"

and how I never forgave
the skies
for teasing me
plump white wine
goosefeathers falling
never recorded before,
can't be happening!,
and then
wrecking my dream
in the morning?

It was my only one night stand.....

singleton said...

she knew
about the butterflies
and cages
and nets
and everything in between

she danced in circles
and squares
in sync and out
and down random streets
mapped on a whim,
a dime,
a jerk-me-awake
five AM dream....

and they captured her
raptured her
paper dolled her
go with the flow
the show
the be-like-me
wanna be
meandering muse,

but she knew.....

so she danced with
the bars
as they melted,
on shishkabobs tripping....
her butterfly skirt
from the flames...

eric1313 said...

Your snow flakes poem is incredible, Sing. Another one for the records, for the books...

Get that hippie a lemon drop, stat!

And the butterfly,
stutter i
surely did when I read
those lines so perfect
they clinked!
as the words rolled by...

eric1313 said...

She only knows one way to dance.

She can do the twisty-tango
she's only one and not quite two.

She can do the mashed potato
but she doesn't cook
in the kitchen's greasy heat.

She can two-step so very rightly,
do the Tennessee waltz blind,
and bring down the big red house
with her rock-a-mambo
beer bottle boogaloo.

The only dance she really knows
is the big bad show love-me-not
love-me-so rock and roll brew.

She's got uppity bare foot blues
and she knows how to use them...

Double-cross or triple-dare;
she'll dance on top--all over you.

karoline said...

sweet little bird...never really left..she just changed outfits..



singleton said...

Eric! Ahhhhh.....
Nothin' like dancin' in the kitchen!
And you captured it all perfect!
I really never understood kitchens and all their neediness anyway,
mine is much happier
pretending to be a
cozy corner
at the
Happy Hour Lounge! When SLB lived with me we turned the dishwasher into the bar....bottles on the bottom, shotglasses and Champagne stems up top, Nana's antique stirrers, cork screws and bottlejacks in the silverware tray! And the stereo has always been happier blasting from a kitchen cabinet,
sounds wafting through the
house like
hot buttered bread.....


the little butterfly sonnet was for Karma, she just inspired me!

telephone tag hug!

eric1313 said...

That's what I thought...

I know that there is no net in existence to capture you.

eric1313 said...

"Dance with me, baby
right here and now"
so we did--
stubbing toes and
awed by the shadows
of headlights passing
by her drawn tie dye
curtains, plum, green
and royal lovers red

The sun went down hours
but there was nothing
holding us from rising
with the moon and Orion
and the big bear Ursa
and the fishes swimming
through a sea of stars

It was dark as sackcloth
and your blue mascara
eyes were invisble
It was dark but not too
dark for arms or hands
or stubbed bare toes

Tonight was love, peace
a little pain and some
long laughs in the night

each car hissed by
casting movie shadows

And the only words to be,
The only words we know
we said once and did
The sun came with bells on
a snooze button would be

singleton said...

grabbing a Mic!

eric1313 said...

got it. Great nigh tonight.
snow falling in big fat flakes.

Loved the snow fall poem, btw.

singleton said...

"Don't move".....
and we giggled in tandem,
waiting on headlights,
to capture our moves
frozen flash dancers
on the living room wall

I scribbled your
silhouette there in
Sharpie markers on the Stucco,
as the Honda with the boom box

and we danced again.......

In the morning,
it's a
black and white
Bachman~Singleton Overdrive
on the walls...

singleton said...

Its 80 degrees here!
That is too wild!

eric1313 said...

LOL! Too cool, Sing!
YOu know your rock and roll

Markered on the walls
shadows like Egyptians
dancing to the gods
black faces, one eyed
like a Jack of clubs
and Kings with axes

You drew me
and I drew you.
The lights drove by
the plum, green and red
tinting the light in
psychedelics, kaleidescope
hues of a season
all its own

Each one a masterpiece
of midnight inspiration
each one
a body of the darkness
come to life

waiting to dance
when the lights hiss by
once again

eric1313 said...

Wow. That's wild. 80. Man am I jealous. That's midnight swim weather.

singleton said...

Oh yeah, windows wide open....
Sharing the music with the neighbors....:)

I'll wait til you're gone
to the library
a friends
the cornerstore for smokes
and drag out the colors
the paisleys
the hennas
hand me down jeans
and color
our world
every shade
of popsicles

And I'll pull the tapestried
wide open to the world
and wait for
the first lost soul
in search of house numbers,
Christmas lights,
the family dog,
to find us
on the walls
watching them
watching us

eric1313 said...

Hot southern wind
as the tides shooshed in
to roll up the beach
we ran across the
still-too-hot sand
into the ocean's wet arms
before the moon was out of
the water in the east

Venus winked down at us
as we disappeared
to surface like dolphins
swim out to meet her,
Luna of the waves

everything did recede
behind us
as we swam to the only
perfect country we knew

A garden of Poseidon
and his daughters

and because we were good
the moon made it up high
to light our way to
and from a blue night kingdom
only us
the children of lesser gods
ever saw or knew
was there

keys to the kingdom
we brought in our hearts

open the gate, lord deep
we are here top take our throne

eric1313 said...

to take our throne...

singleton said...

I've been to the water
I've dunked myself
gone free
and forever
ankle deep
arms up
face under....

and then
salty swallow
sand crash

been kissed by the sun.....

And I believe in butterflies....

singleton said...

To typos
and thrones
trains of thought
without different tracks
"lemme in now"
to words
like confetti
cathair on a florida fan

eric1313 said...

It burned--
the sun did

but not as much
as her salty kiss,
not as much as her
dancing mannequin
mermaid silhouette

that burned
and why did I want

The sun burnt me
by I didn't care
I was flying

and that swaying she--
she was my wings
she was the new sun
she was so good
a salty kiss

she burned me up
and all I wanted
was a little more

eric1313 said...

to 11:11 clinks!

eric1313 said...

at 11:12!


singleton said...

I'll clink to that!

singleton said...

Is it snowing hard there? The sky just started falling here, literally out of nowhere, no clouds, no rumble, no thunder, just monster tears of rain, like its bally-hooing!

singleton said...

I'm gonna sleep with the windows
with the
fullmoons face done gone by
nothin' left in the sky
but tears
on the screens
and i'm gonna
its the ocean
the cool blue
piped in mist
in the air....

singleton said...

Night, sweet friend,
phones ringing....

Did i ever tell ya I fell in love with the snow?

eric1313 said...

"I believe in Butterflies"
she said this in solemn
tones of a fanatic--
a convert to the breeze
from the west

"I believe in karma"
she said to the sea,
and I watched her mouth
as she opened the beer
saving the last one
for my eternal soul

"I believe in luck"
she said--
and that was to me
my face and I blushed
under my too-tan
five o'clock shadow

"And I believe in fate"
I said
and she smiled

"Now you do"
she said
the gulls circled
the girls ran up and down
in the distance
the boys behind them

"Now I do"
I said
and we shared
the last cowboy

nothing is perfect
but that was close enough
and the rest of the day
belonged to butterflies
to karma and fate
and the chase of boy
and girl

and blue skies siniging
were enough for us
to believe
in everything else

eric1313 said...

yes you did tell me. And it is snowing like God's dandruff right now.

Sorry you have to go so soon!

But it was a good party, no matter what. Lets do it again soon.

Missed ya, friend. I love a good porch party, no matter what.

singleton said...

Hah! I knew I did!

Great porch party,
snow on your side rain on mine
and a only fragments of time in between, perfect!

And the punchline,
the ending,
the wrap it all up
into flowers....
"I believe"
is beautiful.....

Clink! Ta~dah!
when you rock,
you're on a roll!..........

eric1313 said...

rollin' out the rocks and the gems, line by line.

Nobody does it better than you, my friend...

singleton said...

and you, my friend!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Singy and Erique
So glad you left a stool at the bar for moi!
Love this place.
Love y'all.

eric1313 said...

Wild Irish roses growing tall,
pretty, proud and and free
toward the blue above

a pink and green hedgerow
thorns, snags, tangles
together with beauty
fragrance and life,
like a Picasso
never painted
but growing forever
like deep-welling desire
of young hearts
in old lovers
for the right time
to come again

Wild Irish roses
horses on the run
in a Ming vase
or an empty wine bottle
in your hair
in time
in love

eric1313 said...


You clinked! in synchronized time!

Love it!

Stop by anytime, friend...

Our friend.

singleton said...

There's a sign that hangs here
that says
"I call this chair"
and we slung it over
the tattered barstool
right next to us.....
It says "Gillian" in gilded graffitied letters on the back!

singleton said...

"delerious" you said and iknowyouknowweknow
and we looked for your words and
you looked too and
damnation to blogger for gobbling
them up
emptying the cup,
but we love you girl!
And hear you knockin'.....

singleton said...

"Wild Irish roses
horses on the run
in a Ming vase
or an empty wine bottle
in your hair
in time
in love"

and that would be a rolll....

singleton said...

She planted a
butterfly garden
on the picket fence,
where the hell is Tom Sawyer
when you need him?

Little hardware store seeds
a dime a packet
from last year
in the dirt
and waiting to hatch
a nifty fifty lotto.....

and they did.

Strawfooted zinnias
and skinny bottomed sunflowers,
roses with only four petals....
calling his name out loud....

eric1313 said...

I hear ya...

singleton said...

He was a hawk
Barishnykov at ballet
dipping and diving
and stealing
the show,
lacing the fence with
ruby red laces
from borrowed glass slippers,
lighting the fire
with matchstick magic
and mailbox drama,
whisping the wind
curling her breath
with the weathered viens of his soul....
he was the hawk
she was backstage
in her tutu....
the garden

eric1313 said...

On the couch
movies playing
on the wall
in our heads
in our words

hands talking
like mouths
outlining the action
what is
and what will be

words are something

movies waiting
to be written,
born line by line

tell me your favorite
and I'll write you
the part of a lifetime


eric1313 said...

I love the garden growing line

eric1313 said...

Her house was not perfect
but it was perfectly there
sitting on a corner
blue but comfortable
waiting for the band to come

Picket fence
fancy lace flowers
love-me-do's and
in her front yard
her eyes over the curtains
looking outside
at the weather
the stormy season here
but I only brought
a bottle red wine
to the house on the corner

the band will be here soon
and then the blue house
will be red, yellow
orange, green, violet
and periwinkle

her favorite...

come on in
why don't ya?

singleton said...

"hands talking
like mouths
outlining the action
what is
and what will be"

And suddenly I want Zep
loud enough for the neighbors
to flash their lights
pull their curtains
lower their electronic screened in
garage doors.....


eric1313 said...

It was a game to her
"winner take all"

It was more than a game
"winner take nothing"

the dice tumble
the sky rumbles
outside, the sky
is sympathetic

"Snake eyes"

"read'em and weep"

the game of life
go fish
texas hold'em
black jack
red fred
blue jeans
so tight
she can barely walk
but she still does

I owe her my soul
she owes me five bucks

but who's counting?

Let God sort it out
right now
I'm on a roll

And the rain drums on her roof
it's a song we both love

we'll even up
dancing in the drops
I'll have my soul
she'll have five bucks

"wanna play again?"

Brown eyes like hers
just seem to know
I'm a sucker for their wily smile

"I'm game..."

eric1313 said...

I'm guilty!

I went Zep on purpose there!

eric1313 said...


to love!

eric1313 said...

How are you tonight, my friend?

singleton said...

You better check out soul kitchen, I just hit publish
instead of save!

And you know I don't cook!

singleton said...

It's been a "Mr Toad's wild ride", tonight, today.....
but I got my ticket stamped
and we're good to go!