Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last Call Evermore

in a bottle...

on the run...

with the best foot forward,

and one...

Here's to love...

May it last forever
or at least
until last call...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Love This Bar (The Beerhall Epic, Part 2) Eric Bachman and Singleton

This moment
This Margarita
This Tia Maria
spin me on the floor
is everything
and more
wrapped up
in cellophane,
zip lock
to go.....

Too many people,
too many fraidy cats,
too many fools,
worried about the two step
the swing me up and
swing me low,
"dont drop me on the floor",
won't know this moment
like we know it,
teetering on the edge,
barefoot toes on the drumroll,
making boombox
outa nothin'.....

And the show goes on.....

because this is the day,
the time of our lives,
our chariot swings low
swings so very sweet
and heavy with
the swamp beat
rhythm and blues,
sticky with sweat
and high on the
drug of living each moment
to meet and make love
to the next one to come...

This is the time
this is the place
and we are inheritors
of the long night ahead

"I won't let you fall"

And I never will--

But somethings just happen
and we can never control
the whys or the hows

Some people fall forever
through the blue sky of love
and the hazy clouds of doubt

And sometimes we land
in the arms of the one
we dreamed would catch us

Today is that day--
a brand new day
never before known

name it
and it's yours

name it
and let's take our time
coming home for the night.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I Love This Bar (The Beerhall Epic, Part 1) Eric Bachman and Singleton

I pushed my quarters
over the edge...

Plunked them
the bartender's side
and chugged the last
and shimmied off the seat,
another day
another night
another song on the juke box played for a dime,
I almost called it a Tuesday
and walked out the door....

But it was a new day
only three quarters fell in the well,
the other one
modgepodged itself
to my fingertips
and wouldn't let go
not even to smoke....
so I giggled
and wiggled
and the jukebox had hiccups
and caught on fire....

it smoked
and stirred our careworn bodies
into a fast-forward flying tango
a rewind reality check
a pause and let's go
gimme three steps kind of
coursing across the floor
like a hot spring on an icy
mountain top

and we weren't the only ones
rubber band twanging
and not once faking...

The best is yet to come
the worst is yet to come

We can take it in stride
or in full-flight regalia

This day is one of many
and all it's own color
it's own flavor

There's only one like it
and that's right now
this second
this moment

and to think we only know it
by the one name we can think of


Monday, December 31, 2007

Midnight Blues, Eric Bachman and Singleton, 2007

the love child of day and night
the great yes~no~maybe,
imploring us:

"Don't look back"

Born in the arcane math
of 24 turned back to zero,
all clean slates filled
with pink love marks,
one more X traced on
skin by waiting hands
we know in the dark.

patron hour
of witches
and jokers
drawing the line in black~magic
stallion of seduction and strength
running time's marathon
the mother of all fevers
the endless

as the old fire light fades,
a brand new gift of 365
sunsets and rises~
the sacred mysteries
the soft~lipped silent passing
caress of our greatest

fizzing and
running over
spilling enchantments
like the gifts of a wise Magi
from the mystic east,

"This is the one and only now,
the endless this moment,
ecstasy reborn between
yesterday and tomorrow"

As Midnight falls upon us,
making everything old
everything beloved
to begin yet again...
glasses filled with
Midnight love on the rocks
a Second Chance Martini...
spilling over
in hopes that no acquaintance will
be forgotten,
and all sins began in such sweet

Friday, December 28, 2007

Pixie Hat, Eric Bachman and Singleton, 2007

Sweeping out the front door
yesterday dressed,
on a faerie's

and sunned.

I'm off to gather
powdered gold--
to weave a
pixie hat...

* * *

She sweeps
out the front door--

to gather
her magic,
and see what
the tide brings...

An angel
on her shoulder.

Her heart
on greensleeves.

A devil
smiles in the details.

Waiting to see
how her pixie hat turns out.

Waiting for the moment
when all will be said,
and yet there's still
a little bit left undone.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Crisscrossed Circle, Eric Bachman, Singleton and Maithri, 2007

It reads the same
inside out and backwards
in the mirror
in the sunlight
in the aftermath of falling stars,
in my soul
where it always was,
will be.

The curve of love,
the beginning,
the middle,
the neverending
of a circle...

And the light
on a day
that even God
was a good one...

May we all be blessed....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tightwire, Eric Bachman and Singleton 2007

I tiptoe
on the highwire....
no net,
no stopping now,
and fall....

ten thousand stories,
punchlines not yet told
and land in the net,
a butterfly jolted,
kicking barefooted on the wild trapeeze....

And you're there,
on the wire,
halfway to my dungeon in the sky,
and daring the ground...
"join us,
break us,
knock us the hell out of here"...

and we laugh
because our eyes never leave
the beautiful,broken,
colored, cracked
of our very own touch,
suspended in nowhere,
half way to there....

I step
you step,
You reach
I reach,
I fall
You fall,
And the crowd wooshes and roars,
Catastrophe is what they paid for
with ooooohs and ahhhhhhs and
two nickel tickets.....

and we make it every time....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

In This Way of Love

Eric Bachman and Singleton, 2007

Butterfly of gold,
San Marina's own

She's so very free...

Always has been,
Always will be.

Wings stretched--
resting in a fold

she'll never fly

and will always
float with me.

Does she remember the dream...
the discovery that she made?
mermaids and
are one and all the
one for the sky
one for the sea

one in a heart's
midnight blue dream

"In this way of love is the balance kept"

they say that
butterflies only
live for a day
or the moment
and I can't
believe this is true
and mermaids
live forever
in the shadows
and the deep--
I can't believe this is true
so I'm sure they take turns
trading underwater dunes
for summer wind

"in this way of love is the balance kept"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

She tells stories.....


Her face was wet,
chilled, but not cold
and I succumbed...
into her soul,
her innermost heat,
a fire that even
the rains of November
couldn't completely

Did I ever tell you
I was in love with snow?
dimestore flocking
quilt batting
fortune telling
And the cold shock
of drowning
a bathtub full
a hillside high
a ditch on the side of the road
of white
forever tumbling from overstuffed
"I can't believe I ate this much!"
"Gotta unbuckle my five oh one"

Her face was wet
so was mine
her hair
my hair
her clothes
my clothes
and cold
in the November air
and she prattled
cheeks five o'clock pink,
fishtelling the story I knew by heart

and how I never forgave
the skies
for teasing me
with plump white wine
goosefeathers falling
never recorded before,
cant be happening!,
and then
wrecking my dream
in the morning?

her face was wet
and so was mine,
and we laughed
at everything:
and brown eyes;
the soul of the earth
with come hither to lines....

it was my only one night stand.....

her face was wet
and so was mine
and in the cold
November nightness
played snow angels on the hill
and laughed at
the stories
behind us...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Little Things

Little dead bird
at my feet.


I touch her
with one toe

and die inside
a little more.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Waiting Game--Eric Bachman and Singleton, '07

You’ve got the five o’clock blues
and a ten spot in your pocket--
There's no place like home
after a little hell on Monday.
(no matter where home is)

Meatloaf and cold potatoes,
callin’ your name out loud,
the paycheck's spent and
the fridgadair’s humming;
And hollow
And empty.

Happy hour is three days off
Says the sign, the schedule
the Monday morning cue card.

The parking lot's all lit up,
the double doors flap
wide open,
and open again...

and that’s really all you need....

Five o'clock and an open invite;
all we're waiting on is you.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pretty Little Ending--Eric Bachman and Singleton, '07

A pretty little ending,
all wrapped up tight;
sugar-coated candies
in a movie theatre box.

The credits roll by--
The End spelled out
in unmistakable font,
everyone's going home.

Confetti dust and rays
of a lost sun flickering,
floating in bright chaos,
their shadows play tag
on a dirty silver screen--
And suddenly I remember...

It wasn't all that great;
I just wanted it to be.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Eyes that Sing, Eric Bachman 2007

I may not see you there
looking through the leaves,
but your soul sings a song
that ripples true and rings
across the body of time
a piano played by heart
a hundred notes and lines.

Every verse you know
was learned so long ago.
And all the songs you sing
are from a siren's dream.
Echoing the blue sky blues
autumnal virgin forest scene
across the body of time.

Your song gives you away
behind the thickest leaves.

Your eyes give you away
the body of time, a dream.

Your heart may be alone--
I listen for it's wild call.

Your eyes they sing
a song of midnight lights,

Dancing through the distance
the burnt gold leaves of fall.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

On The Floor, Eric Bachman and Singleton 2007

Watching the bold clock face
ticking down the brick wall,
tocking sepia lyrics




and maybe


Misfit makeshift couples--
Strangers two hours before
Three beers later
(who's counting?)
Folding like pages into
gray night moths
enveloped against, into, onto
each other by moonshine…
for a Friday night love story.
(“Hey, what's your name, again?”)

But not us,
we laughed at the clock….
pick pocketing
Our last lines

We clinked! to the last call
and all that could’ve been
if we had risen to the occasion…..

To one last spin
one last dance
one last drink
the last of many tonight

And tomorrow,
we'll do it all one more time...
one more spin
one more sigil scribbled
on the back door stairwell

Everything is perfect
everything will burn
every night without end
when you're the Silver moths
in the black cantina...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Behind The Powder Room Door, Eric Bachman and Singleton 2007

All lined up like perfect flowers
with their pink painted faces
moulin rouge cheeks,
little hens
in the ladies room
through antique teeth,
veneered words
splinter off their tongues...

"So nice to see you"...

Even fairy tales
have cardboard creeps
climbing through the pages,

And she believes in fairy tales,
so she dusts them off daily
with feather words and gloss,
billowing sweet cotton candy,
pink on their blue cheeks

They prattle as she prances
out the door...

"Isn't she a doll?"...


you have to fix the endings.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down, Eric Bachman and Singleton 2007

She curtsies and beckons
to the highway rollers,
the evening strollers,
the "I just left my wife
this morning"ers.

With her eyes wide open,
they believe....
do they ever believe,
her eyes, burning
reflecting their desire...

Everything around her
drowning in the want
to bathe in her love.

A tear like a diamond--
rough and in perfect season and tune;
falling like a stone from above.

She told them a dime
a beer
a skate
a stroll
or stone-skip throw
is all it will take
to win a true heart.

Told them with piercing eyes
to step right up if they think
they have what it takes,
a quarter for the jukebox...
your dime,
my time--
and to believe that
24 hours is enough...

For anything.

Because she told them so....

Told them how to win a night
at the Paradise South.

Told them almost everything
keeping dreams for herself,
a shadow walking with her
the only friend who knows.

Forever is just a dream,
enchantment of the night--
her heart's true name
scribbled on a timeless picture
in her gilded locket for eyes only.

She bows with royal flourish,
takes the floor, fading into smoke;
lights high above beaming down
like a sun never shone on earth.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nickel Drafts, Eric Bachman and Singleton 2007

Backs to the band
we drifted down--
drafted, up--
(clouds have nothing on us)

Penned a paperback book
on Budwieser napkins
aces high,
a house of cards
between us.

"Shhhhhh.... "

"No talking"


Words penciled
between strangers
leg to leg
shoulder to shoulder
tall tales, short stories
spun right there
at the bar.

I only heard
your voice
in a smile,
as we ran
across the street
let them fly

White butterflies
wooshed by traffic,
with bottle ring

This word
and that word

the story out of order

And that's the way it's supposed to be...

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Show, Eric Bachman and Singleton 2007

"Like water fits a mermaid"

A taffeta gown
in phospherescent teal
dancing on it's own
and beaded
and fated
by the seamless seamtress
of the sea.

From the watchtower
she's dripping in
frothy hemlines
moving victorian lace
sea foam splash
smile sigh
eight miles high
and deep.

The sun pulls the curtains
endless encore
the lights go on and off
and she's swathed in tie-dyed
and butterfly wings
but for her soul
a crystaline buoy
tethered to the shore--

The show must go on...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Red Glow of Pardise South, Eric Bachman and Singleton 2007

Neon lights burning:
Red hot and electric
they never close down
fall down, burn out
they never do lie
except to the city;
red glare, she cries.

The neon lights click
on and on, clinking
even with the dark
thinking, tinking
on abandoned streets
of the long after hour
craze and shuffle home

Red lights glaring like
moonlight and bloodstone
in the see-through rays
of the old rising sun,
burning her face bronze
her lunch-time squint;

(Don't frown--
you'll get wrinkles)

The neon lights buzz
on through the night.

The neon lights lie
to the city so wide
as the jukebox dies
it lies in plain sight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Every-Night Cinderella, Eric Bachman and Singleton 2007

I'm not alone...

As long as the wind
will talk to me,
I hear your voice

I'm listening...

The wind always
has a story to tell....

She whispers
in the night,
to the moon,
frolicks in the sun

But she listens,
as she gales,
tumbling litter
winter leaves
baby butterflies

I hear the sounds
of her bright voice
echo; alive

Sometimes I hear her

In the night,
there are secrets
and she knows
all of them.

But if one knows
to listen well
to her breathy voice
and feel her caress
and her soft kisses
on their face
will remain hidden

will stop her
from becoming one,
from becoming a kite
of stardust and light;
blue and purple
and red and white
flying from the palm
of her invisible hand

And then she'll do
what the wind
always does,
she'll unravel
the kite string
one loop
one inch
one beer
one line
at a time
and set it free
a new constellation

One more brand new
in her midnight sky.