Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Love This Bar (The Beerhall Epic, Part 2) Eric Bachman and Singleton

This moment
This Margarita
This Tia Maria
spin me on the floor
is everything
and more
wrapped up
in cellophane,
zip lock
to go.....

Too many people,
too many fraidy cats,
too many fools,
worried about the two step
the swing me up and
swing me low,
"dont drop me on the floor",
won't know this moment
like we know it,
teetering on the edge,
barefoot toes on the drumroll,
making boombox
outa nothin'.....

And the show goes on.....

because this is the day,
the time of our lives,
our chariot swings low
swings so very sweet
and heavy with
the swamp beat
rhythm and blues,
sticky with sweat
and high on the
drug of living each moment
to meet and make love
to the next one to come...

This is the time
this is the place
and we are inheritors
of the long night ahead

"I won't let you fall"

And I never will--

But somethings just happen
and we can never control
the whys or the hows

Some people fall forever
through the blue sky of love
and the hazy clouds of doubt

And sometimes we land
in the arms of the one
we dreamed would catch us

Today is that day--
a brand new day
never before known

name it
and it's yours

name it
and let's take our time
coming home for the night.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I Love This Bar (The Beerhall Epic, Part 1) Eric Bachman and Singleton

I pushed my quarters
over the edge...

Plunked them
the bartender's side
and chugged the last
and shimmied off the seat,
another day
another night
another song on the juke box played for a dime,
I almost called it a Tuesday
and walked out the door....

But it was a new day
only three quarters fell in the well,
the other one
modgepodged itself
to my fingertips
and wouldn't let go
not even to smoke....
so I giggled
and wiggled
and the jukebox had hiccups
and caught on fire....

it smoked
and stirred our careworn bodies
into a fast-forward flying tango
a rewind reality check
a pause and let's go
gimme three steps kind of
coursing across the floor
like a hot spring on an icy
mountain top

and we weren't the only ones
rubber band twanging
and not once faking...

The best is yet to come
the worst is yet to come

We can take it in stride
or in full-flight regalia

This day is one of many
and all it's own color
it's own flavor

There's only one like it
and that's right now
this second
this moment

and to think we only know it
by the one name we can think of